The 3 SEO tools you should not live without

There are 3 SEO tools that I think you should absolutely check out. I use these daily and they make my life so much easier. Take a look:


1 – Raven Tools

This is an essential part of any SEO arsenal. I tested a lot of tools and Raven seemed to come out on top as the easiest to use, the most comprehensive and the most reliable of any reasonably priced tool I tried. You are able to perform a deep crawl of the website that looks for a ton of different issues. You will locate missing image alt and title text, page titles with too few or too many characters, low word count, canonical URL issues and more. They also have Webmaster Tools monitoring and integration, rank tracking, & backlink audits. There really is too much to list here. Check them out at


2 – SEO-meta-in-one-click for Chrome

This great plugin for Chrome will give you a ton of information at the press of a button. Check page title, meta description, publisher status, H tags, images, links, page speed and a ton of other useful things at the press of a button. This is my goto for a quick audit that produces actionable results. Grab this plugin at

3 – Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

You absolutely must hook up your website to both Google and Bing Webmaster tools. This allows you access to all sorts of goodies that will launch you ahead of your competition in the search results. Get deeper keyword reports, tell the engines which pages you want them to crawl right now, test your robots.txt and mark up your SCHEMA and a ton of other useful goodies await you when you hook your site up to Webmaster Tools. This is a must so don’t delay, go hook up your website now.


If you would like more in depth information on any of these tools just comment on this post and I will try to answer any questions. These tools will definitely make a difference for you!

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