My Affiliate Summit West 2016 review as a first timer

I am sitting in my hotel room in Las Vegas after the last day of Affiliate Summit West 2016 and I thought I would write an Affiliate Summit West 2016 review from the point of view of a first timer attendee. Hopefully this will help some of you that have never gone to Affiliate Summit and are on the fence about whether this is the right conference for you to attend.

Why I Went

I went to learn more about Affiliate Marketing in general and I wanted to find some companies to help me in the journey I have ahead of me.  I did some affiliate Marketing quite a few years ago and enjoyed it and I want to get back into it. I don’t know a ton about it and never made a lot of money at it, although I do know that it is possible as I had a few campaigns that worked out.

I attended quite a few of the classes as well as cruised the exhibition hall several times over the three day period. I also got to enjoy one of the included breakfast meals and a lunch as well. Here is a breakdown of each part of the conference that I attended:

The Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall was a great place to find new companies and catch up on the latest and greatest techniques of affiliate marketing in 2016. It was definitely loud and filled and people but I still managed to get in quite a few meaningful conversations. There was a mix of companies offering services such as ad display, affiliate offers, tracking tools, payment processing and a lot more. I was a bit overwhelmed at first but after a few trips through I seemed to get the rhythm of things and was able to focus on finding what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend writing down a list on your phone of the key items that you want to find information on before you go. that way you will be able to reference the list and keep on track. It is very easy to get distracted by the bright colors and fast pitches you will encounter moving from booth to booth.


The Classes

I thought the classes were informative and I took some great things away from most of them. They did seem to be a little rushed most of the time and more than a few presenters commented on the short time frame they were allowed for their session. I think even if they were 15 minutes longer that would help, but I would recommend attending them anyway as the presenters do a good job of packing information in.

The Food

The food was actually pretty good and they had several gluten free options which is great for me. That does not happen at very many conferences as you probably know so I thought it was worth a mention! They had scrambled eggs, fruit, pastries, sausage, bacon and a few other things for breakfast on the day I tried it. Lunch was fajitas and all the usual things that accompany fajitas. One of the best selections of food of all the conferences I have attended over the last few years.

All in all I would definitely recommend attending affiliate Summit West or East if you haven’t been before. I will be attending again and hopefully I will see you there! You can read more about Affiliate Summit and get a discount if you sign up early External linkhere.

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