The Best 5 Wireless DIY Home Security Systems

Your home is a place you need to feel secure and comfortable. It’s a place where you can relax and let go of all cares and concerns. Your home is also a place that houses your family members and worldly possessions. Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that intruders will try to enter your home with the intention of stealing something or playing mischief.

It doesn’t matter if you consider your neighborhood to be secure and safe, there’s always a risk. It’s a good idea to become proactive with your security. You can easily install a home security system to help you keep criminal elements away from it.

You don’t need to spend large amounts of money by hiring a security firm to install and monitor the security of your home. You can install a small system yourself without too much investment or effort. Here’s a list of some of the best DIY wireless home security systems available to you.

1. NestNest home security cameras

Nest offers a no-stress security system that requires nothing more than a camera. The Nest Cam is a HD camera that you can place anywhere in your home. It will send videos of your home directly to your phone or computer, showing just what’s happening there while you’re away.

You get 24/7 surveillance of your home. This camera is perfectly able to shoot videos in the dark so you can see what’s happening when the lights are switched off.

The Nest camera shoots a 130° wide-angle shot that you can zoom into. It records in 1080p HD format. The camera also has motion detection so that you can get alerts about movements in your home when there should be none. There are several other security solutions in the market that actually work in tandem with Nest to enhance its functioning.


2. Canary

Canary home security systems

The motto of Canary is simplicity. The company wanted to incorporate the entire security system into one device and they did just that. There’s a motion-sensing camera with night-vision capabilities in the device that acts as the primary aspect of the security system.

The camera quality isn’t really on par with some of the other devices available in the market and unlike Nest, it doesn’t offer two-way audio. However, it does offer humidity, temperature, and air quality monitors. There’s also a 90dB alarm available that you can set off if you see anything suspicious of alarming.

3. ViperViper Home Security Systems

Viper is a compact, easy to use, and a comprehensive home security system that includes a motion detector, a window and door sensor, and a smart hub. You need to purchase an alarm separately and that’s readily available at Amazon and other such stores.

The system looks great, but it does have some performance issues. The panic button doesn’t set off the alarm, but rather sends emergency messages to your contacts.

Nevertheless, there is potential in this system to turn out great. The alarm is very loud and might immediately alert the neighborhood that something’s wrong. The design is very sleek and modern. It wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb in your home. The price is reasonable as well, which makes it a tempting choice for many.


4. SimpliSafe

Simply safe home security systems

SimpliSafe is a completely customizable home security system that’s easy to install and use.

You can assemble one from scratch, choosing the components you like and discarding things that you do not need. Because of that, this system is ideal for people with unique needs or low budgets. There are several packages of SimpliSafe system available in the market, giving you the benefit of choice.

This system relies on Wi-Fi, entry and motion sensors, and keypad. That’s why it’s one of the few sensors that’s based on the traditional home security design. The system is wireless, so you don’t need a specific internet connection. All you need to do it install it and start using. It has a very simple, utilitarian design that doesn’t stand out and demand attention.

It comes with an app that would allow you to arm and disarm the system, but other than that, it doesn’t do much. There’s an online dashboard that would let you adjust the settings. You can set a PIN for your friends. You can also set a safe word that would trigger the alarm and send a call to dispatch directly.

For more information on SimplySafe check it out here.

5. FrontpointFrontpoint home security systems

Frontpoint is the highest rated home security system by customers. Installing the system is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. The monthly cost for monitoring your home security isn’t expensive. You get considerable amount of value for money.

The system can be accessed through the mobile phone easily as it’s connected to the cellular network. You don’t need to install a landline to connect the system. The control panel is smash protected so it can’t be easily tampered by the criminal elements and it has intrusion sensors included.

These are some of the best DIY wireless home security systems available in the market today.

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