What Is a Landing Page and Why Should You Use Them?

Internet users constantly encounter landing pages and many do not realize it. Businesses also do not understand their potential. A landing page is a web page that internet users are taken to that aims to convert any visitor into a lead or a sale after having clicked on an advertisement. These pages are known to be very straightforward as they only serve one purpose – to streamline people to a certain service or product. Landing pages are distinguishable with minimal navigation options and a bold call-to-action to keep visitors focused on the business’s conversion efforts. This marketing technique has two main forms that take on slightly different roles in the marketing process, lead generation landing pages and click-through landing pages.

What Is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

Lead Generation Landing Page
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The main distinguisher for a lead generation landing page is the inclusion of a fill-out form for visitors to provide their information in return for an incentive.

For businesses, a lead generation landing page is a selling point to convert a visitor into a potential customer. The web page briefly introduces services the company can provide for the user and how the user can provide simple information to get desired rewards. By offering an incentive, businesses increase the chances of getting visitors’ information that can then be used to target more people going forward. Businesses gain leads and increase the chances of being able to target a larger audience.

For marketers, it is important to understand that people want things for as little sacrifice as possible. Knowing this, it is crucial for businesses to consider how they are approaching visitors and what types of requests are being made to encourage conversions and to prevent losses. For these reasons, lead generation landing pages are known to be short and simple. This prevents deterring visitors from long forms that seem to request a lot of their information. Also, it presents clear, valuable offers to keep the visitors interested and more likely to stay involved with the business.

While businesses try to gain leads, visitors can benefit from lead generation landing pages by learning about content that may be pertinent to them. Being able to quickly learn about a business and why they should get involved allows people to decide whether giving personal information is worth the reward. Visitors can use this type of landing page to decide if they want to consider further investing in a business’s services down the line in exchange for an incentive. However, lead generation landing pages can also be an automatic turn off for many internet users.

Some individuals are hesitant about giving their information to unfamiliar ad campaigns especially when they are unsure if the business will live up to their proclaimed worth. If an offer does not relate to the user or the exchange of information for a reward does not seem valuable, it is an easy decision to click out of the page. Lead generation landing pages work by understanding one’s target audience enough to make it difficult to turn down an offer.

What Is the Importance of a Lead Generation Landing Page?

Importance of a Lead Generation Landing Page
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One of the greatest advantages of lead generation landing pages for businesses is the lower cost for higher rates of lead conversions. Companies can improve their marketing ROI by targeting people who are applicable to their product or service. This increases the chances of conversions and saves time and money by focusing on relevant individuals. Gathering information about leads also helps businesses market in the future.

Businesses already know who their target audience is, but lead generation landing pages provide information about who is actually attracted to their advertisement. This insight reveals a lot about how the public interprets the advertised product and whether a business is conveying the right message depending on such interpretation. Knowing if there is any discrepancy between expectations and reality allows a business to make any called-for changes to better reach their objectives.

For visitors, lead generation landing pages are important because they inform them about a business that may be a good investment. The landing page provides information about a service while offering incentives in exchange for personal information. Visitors consider the short-term benefits and long-term advantages of providing their information to an unfamiliar business based on the brief information provided on the page, which can be the difference between conversions or losses for the company.

Collectively, all of these features help visitors decide whether they should get involved with the company or not. Individuals can try to assess company characteristics, such as whether the reward is appealing enough or whether their missions align with the user’s values, to decide if the product or service will be an advantage to them. As likely a visitor’s first encounter with a business, lead generation landing pages make a heavy first impression that dictate a person’s succeeding actions.

What Is a Click-Through Landing Page?

Click-Through Landing Page
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Instead of a form to fill out, a click-through landing page consists of a call-to-action click-through that leads to the business’s main site.

This type of landing page helps businesses introduce themselves to their audience before accomplishing sales. While lead generation landing pages rely on incentives, click-throughs sometime offer incentives to get people to try their products and to learn more about the company. This type of page relies on showing visitors their options if individuals choose to purchase the business’s services.

By choosing to offer deals like free trials, the landing page can offer potential customers something valuable in order to gain their full support when they later purchase actual products. Since the focus of this landing page are sales, requesting visitors’ information is not as big as it is with lead generation landing pages where lead conversions are a priority in order to market the business to the right people in the right ways.

Since marketing is still crucial for click-through landing pages, businesses tailor different click-through pages for different ads that appear to internet users. Linking different ads to different landing pages for different types of services available is a smart marketing strategy because it reaches out to various audience. It also proves that the company has services that suit many people’s needs. This increases conversion rates and the chances that people are willing to look into a business after the click-through landing page.

On the other side, click-through landing pages for visitors give insight to the business’s services and why people should consider them in the long run. This type of landing page presents products or incentives to relevant people without overwhelming them with the business’s entire line of services. Because the landing page is linked to an ad, individuals who are taken to the webpage likely pertain to the type of product offered which makes it easier for them to understand how the company can benefit their needs.

In addition, with the expectation to see services that match their searches because they arrived through an advertisement, presenting relevant items with incentives gives visitors what they want, and increases the likelihood that they fully invest in the company later on. This benefits visitors because they are now familiar with a company that offers products they needed for with little hassle.

What Is the Importance of a Click-Through Landing Page?

Importance of a Click-Through Landing Page
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Businesses use click-through landing pages to show visitors products they have to offer and present incentives without asking for personal information. Providing a preview of their line of services informs people of what they can expect if they choose to invest. Since individuals are directed to a landing page tailored to the ad they clicked, the same advertised business can be applicable to people with different needs which increases the number of click-through past the landing page.

Displaying great offers encourages visitors to want to visit the company website to learn more about them which is proof of effective, streamline marketing strategies. In addition to wanting to visit a business website, visitors will then have an easier time understanding their options further down the line. Great customer experience is known to increase sales and a click-through landing page takes advantage of this.

Click-through landing pages help visitors understand the relevance of a company. Visitors are presented with information and products that are relevant to their internet searches. A landing page that offers deals and incentives, and navigates them to the site is helpful when searching for services among many options available online. The click-through landing page educates people on a business they may be interested in long-term without having to give away personal information to receive something.

Although not all click-through landing pages offer incentives, being led to the business site based on a corresponding ad improves customer experience. This type of landing page introduces potential customers to a new company and guides them through the site so visitors get a feel for the business. This process is much less overwhelming and increases the chances that individuals find what they are looking for.

Landing pages can make a difference between higher conversion rates and poor sales. Whether a business utilizes lead generation, click-through or both landing page styles, the chances that viewers realize the pertinence of offered products and the rewards of investing in the business leaps dramatically. This marketing technique is often overlooked, but the rewards of landing pages are undeniable when incorporated into a business’s marketing strategy.

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