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Wondering How to Clean your Phone? Use a Phone Sanitizer!

With colds and the flu going around, it is important to practice good hygiene and health practices. Washing your hands religiously, eating fruits and veggies, taking multivitamins, and not touching your face are all effective techniques, but what about your phone? Even if your hands are clean, if your phone is not cleaned regularly then you are harboring a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which may make you sick. Phones have become a major part of our daily lives, from talking and texting, answering emails, and scrolling through social media. All of those germs are transferred onto our hands, face, and wherever we may set our phones down to rest. Tossing our phones into pockets, purses, and backpacks allow for a nice, dark breeding ground for bacteria that is increased further by the warmth our phones give off that accelerates the rate at which germs reproduce. This is why it is imperative that our phones are cleaned regularly.

Traditional Methods of Cleaning Your Phone

Wet cell phones

When it comes to cleaning your phone, all of the germs and bacteria must be killed off effectively. Most people do the bare minimum when cleaning their phones screens, only using a microfiber cloth and some water to clean gunk off of the screen.

This does not kill the germs though.

Many people turn to using alcohol-based cleaners. This may seem like a good idea in the long run, but the chemicals within the cleaners often strip the protective coatings on your phone and run the risk of damaging the phone. Even when alcohol diluted with water is used as a cleaning method, it can still ruin your phone internally or externally.

Well, what about a wet wipe? Many believe that a cleaning wipe can help reduce the spread of germs on one’s phone as well, but this is harmful in the long run. Not only is a facial wipe, paper towel, or non-microfiber cloth not a disinfectant, but the harsh material will build up small scratches on your phones screen over time.

How to Clean My Phone Screen?

After studying the effects of traditional methods of cleaning one’s phone, it is safe to say they just do not stack up! With the advancements in technology, we now know that proper care and maintenance must be used to keep our phones in pristine condition and that proper cleaners designed with phones in mind must be used to avoid potential damages and less than efficacious sanitization.

How do we recommend cleaning phones then? We recommend using the PhoneSoap UV Phone sanitizer.

What is PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer?

Blue Phone Soap Phone Sanitizer
The PhoneSoap UV Phone sanitizer is a small box that contains ultraviolet lights on both sides to allow for optimal sanitization. The PhoneSoap UV Phone sanitizer utilizes UV-C light, which is a form of ultraviolet light that is an effective way to sanitize objects and is safe for humans. UV-C light can kill germs by eradicating their nucleic functions leading to cellular death and the inability to reproduce. Using ultraviolet light to clean one’s phone is safer for the device and wholly more effective as the UV-C light will penetrate cracks and crevices in the device that normal cleaning wipes would be unable to without causing phone damage.

Perks of PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer

Currently there are several products available from PhoneSoap, including the PhoneSoap 3, PhoneSoap Pro, HomeSoap, PhoneSoap Go, and more. The PhoneSoap UV Phone sanitizer fits all smartphones and almost all case sizes (yes, cases are safe to sanitize too!), and will even clean whatever else you can fit inside. Larger models such as the HomeSoap can be used to clean tablets, laptops, and anything else you wish to sanitize that fits within the compartment—the UV-C light is effective at killing 99.99% of germs found on your phone and other devices. Most of PhoneSoap’s products have charging ports that work as a universal charger for any device, and most products also have an acoustic amplifier so that you can hear when you receive notifications or when your phones alarms may go off.

Several of the PhoneSoap products available come in a variety of colors to choose from to match your aesthetic; the sleek design is inconspicuous and pleasing to the eye. PhoneSoap allows for phones to change while being cleaned within the compartment and can be left unattended while completing chores around the house or running errands. PhoneSoap is environmentally safe—no more throwing away cleaning cloths and towels!

White Upright Phone Sanitizer

With a cleaning process cycle of just 10 minutes, the PhoneSoap is a perfect solution for those who are in a hurry but want to maintain cleanliness. Not only can phones and phone cases be used in PhoneSoap, but anything that fits in the box can be cleaned as well. From earphones to smartwatches, if it fits it can be cleaned in 10 minutes!

Why Should I Buy the PhoneSoap Now?

When flu season or the next pandemic comes around, you want to be 100% prepared. Viruses and the flu are generally spread via skin contact and then contact with a bodily orifice such as the mouth, eyes, nose, etc. Given our phones go everywhere with us, likely, our phones will eventually come into contact with the harmful bacteria and pathogens that can lead to the flu or other sicknesses. We wash our hands and body daily and clean our clothes as well, but if our phone is not cleaned regularly, then it can continue to pick up new germs while providing a warm haven for existing germs to reproduce. It is very important to maintain proper health practices and to not neglect cleaning our phones as well, for if we touch our dirty phones, we can quickly spread the germs using our hands to other surfaces.

The elderly and those who are immunocompromised are at the greatest risk of catching the flu, other viruses, and bacterial infections. This can prove fatal to those with a weakened immune system. Keeping our bodies and personal devices clean is not only intrinsic to our health and well-being, but those around us as well. Most of us have older parents, grandparents, and other relatives who are elderly or so young that their immune systems are not fully developed yet. It is for this reason that using a proper phone cleaner such as PhoneSoap is important—we do not want to spread cultivated germs from our phones to our hands, and then to ourselves, friends, and family (and not to strangers either).

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